Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tsk, tsk. A whole lot of angst is going on at the White House. “Dismay” seems to be the word of the day.

Yesterday, Missus Bubba expressed the Community Organizer’s ‘dismay’ at five additional death sentences handed down in Iran, over and above the three issued last month. What did the guilty eight do? They protested – demonstrated, spoke out – against the probably rigged election of the insane and ranting terrorist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The government said he won by a landslide, but the protestors say the election was rigged. Thousands of people dared to object, and eight – so far – have been sentenced to death.

In Iran, the death penalty in Iran is imposed by stoning. Iran's Penal Code specifies that the stones must be large enough to cause pain, but not so large as to kill the victim immediately. Article 102 mandates that men should be buried up to their waists and women up to their breasts for the purpose of execution by stoning.

About this, Missus Bubba and the Community Organizer are “dismayed”. The sentences are, Missus Bubba says, “unfortunate and distressing.”

And, tsk tsk, the Mighty Duo in Washington is “dismayed” at Israel again, too. We stiff-necked people tend to insist on running our own country, which complicates the Community Organizer’s plans.

What is it this time? Building homes again, this time in Gilo, a Jerusalem neighborhood. How dare Israel decide to build places for Jewish families to live in Jerusalem?

This time, it was Robert Gibbs, the smug-pussed White House Spokesman, who was “tasked” (he’s one of those who loves to turn nouns into verbs) with expressing the Community Organizer’s official disgust.

“We are dismayed,” Gibbs said regarding Israel’s decision to build the Gilo homes -- Gilo, by the way, is mentioned in the Book of Joshua (Joshua 15:51) and the Book of Samuel (II Sam 15:12) thousands of years before there ever was such a thing as an Arab “Palestinian.”

"At a time when we are working to relaunch negotiations, these actions make it more difficult for our efforts to succeed," Gibbs said.

Well, heaven forbid that anyone make it difficult for the Community Organizer’s plans to succeed. Hell hath no fury, etc, etc.

Nonetheless, we now see that the White House equates death by stoning for eight political demonstrators with Israel’s desire to house its citizens.

That's silly, of course, but what’s sillier yet are all the things the White House apparently isn’t concerned about at all. The problem is, the US has become a disaster zone, not just domestically but all around the world, and yet Dear Leader directs his wrath toward Jews building homes in their own country.

In fact, the US is “hemorrhaging” at home and abroad, says Victor Davis Hanson in the current issue of in his piece, “Circling Sharks Smell American Blood.”

Hanson notes:

How on the Asia trip, even with the bows, the Community Organizer’s hosts were in no mood to listen to his demeaning lectures on how they should live their lives in such a way that Dear Leader’s plans could be implemented.

Beijing is worried because the US economy is in the tank, and they own too much US debt.

Tokyo is getting frustrated with the US military base in Okinawa. They’d like to “redefine” their relationship to the US.

Seoul is starting to worry about just how valid is the US commitment to keep it safe from North Korea. If I lived in Seoul, I’d be worried, too.

Domestically, the dollar sinks lower every day and the budget deficit is the highest in history -- even as the Community Organizer works overtime to impose massive new debt by taking over the heath care system, the national transportation system, and grabbing vast new federal powers to regulate every aspect of daily life through his environmental mandates. The debt situation is so serious there’s talk about scrapping the dollar as the common international currency.

Official unemployment in the US is over 10% -- whereas real unemployment, which includes those who have stopped looking for work plus all those PhD’s who are working as Wal-Mart greeters, tops 20%.

In Afghanistan, the Community Organizer waffles, as American soldiers die without adequate support.

To the terrorist regimes in Venezuela and Iran, Dear Leader holds out the hand of peace, but neither dictator seems much interested. They can see that Obama is an empty suit even if some Americans haven’t figured it out yet.

In an almost unbelievable turnabout, France is warning the US to ‘get a backbone’ in dealing with the Iranians.

The Russians, on the other hand, are grinning like Cheshire Cats. The Community Organizer gave up the US missile defense system in Eastern Europe, which makes the Russian’s aggressive and acquisitive plans all that much easier. And what did the US get in return? Absolutely nothing. At least someone's happy.

While in campaign mode, the Community Organizer promised to shut down the terrorist prison on Guantanamo, but the means by which Dear Leader apparently plans to do that is by bringing the terrorists to the US, giving them civil trials and the full protection of the US Constitution.

No doubt he’ll grant them full citizenship after they’re acquitted -- those forgetful soldiers plumb forgot they had to Mirandize the enemy army on the battlefield before they could arrest them. But ah, well, what’s the problem? The Community Organizer also plans on offering full citizenship to 17 million illegal aliens who made it unto American soil. A few terrorists more can’t hurt that much, can they?

And besides, the terrorists are Muslims, and so are much favored by the Community Organizer. He goes out of his way, time and time again, to talk about all the reasons he admires the Muslim culture so much. Of course he needs to tinker a little with history to do that, but hey – he’s the President. (Mmm, mmm, mmm)

That chicken may yet come home to roost, however. So far this year, US officials have broken up three radical Islamic terrorist plots being planned inside the United States. They missed the Muslim terrorist at Fort Hood until it was too late, of course, but there’ll be more chances. Terrorist organizations all over the world, including Al-Qaeda, promise more attacks. The Taliban is rejoicing at the Community Organizer’s indecision on Afghanistan, As Hanson says, “they smell blood.”

But to all of this, the Community Organizer seems blithely oblivious.

What’s his concern? That Jews are building homes in Jerusalem. That’s something to really cry about.

Read Hanson’s whole article here:

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