Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nellie The Elephant (Toy Dolls)

Back in the days when I was still disdaining Facebook, I lady I admire greatly told me she was on.

I couldn't quite believe it - she's a really fine person. Why would she be bothering with something so ..... what? crass. I guess. Anyway, she told me one of the reasons she was on was "to keep up with the kids and grandkids."

Huh. Well, that made me think.

Now, I have to admit that has merit. I just discovered this morning that my son Peter posted this video on his Facebook -- and I sort of have to admit I like it.

If you can avoid looking at the poor starving lead singer, the music is actually rather catchy. If pressed, I'd say I like it myself -- and certainly never would have run across it on my own initiative.

So here's to Facebook, the lady who inspired me, and to keeping up with the kids -- pretty good, all of it!


  1. Good for you getting with it keeping up the kids.
    Here's a nice little item I found on the subject, with a few tips thrown in.

  2. LOL -- great! I have to admit I watched it twice -- just to make sure they were really kidding.

    Very funny -- especially since it's essentially true. Good one, B.D.!!

  3. I love my "water cooler" gossip on Facebook. It gives me a sense of connection when I'm working alone at home. I can control my access to comments so I don't have to respond when I'm too busy, but there's always something there when I want to connect.