Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn and caldron bubble…

Halloween may be over, but Mrs. Bubba never stops playing her role. As it happens, Mrs. Bubba is right here in the Middle East, something that ought to terrify every Israeli – and anyone else who sees what’s happening here as a foretaste of what’s on its way to America. So foul a day we have not seen.

What happened? Hamas, the Arab terrorists who brought you Aza, today announced they have missiles that can reach Tel Aviv.

In the beginning, Hamas was limited to trying to kill civilians in Israeli communities just alongside their border – Sderot, Shaar ha Negev and border kibbutzim. Then last winter they expanded their reach and started hitting larger population centers, Beersheba, Ashkelon, Ashdod.

But today, armed with still longer range missiles from Iran, they say they can reach Tel Aviv.

To translate that into California-speak, it’s like before, terrorists could only bomb Fresno, Bakersfield and Culver City, places some have suggested a few mortars could only improve. But now terrorists have acquired weaponry that capable of hitting San Francisco! Now even the most peace-loving liberal can see there’s a problem.

Interesting synchronicity, because on the same day Hamas makes their announcement, Mrs. Bubba, in Cairo, touts her long-time support for Hamas’ partners in terror, the “Palestinians”.

What prompted Mrs. Bubba’s remarks -- to Al Jazeera, yet, the terrorists media outlet – was that a couple of days ago, she’d appeared to say something nice about Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. That drove the Community Organizers’ Arab friends nuts, so she had to establish her bona fides with the terrorists.

As her hubby was wont to do, let’s parse what Mrs. Bubba said in Cairo yesterday:

``I think President Obama was absolutely clear. He wanted a halt to all settlement activity.”

That much is absolutely true. He said he didn’t even want to see a cement mixer is Judea, Samaria or “east Jerusalem”.

``The alternative to stopping all new settlement construction is that it continues.”

Oh, like, wow. Is that profound! But wait, it gets better.

“We the United States do not want to see that, and I know that the Palestinians don't want to see a set of construction activity that will further prejudge or prejudice the outcome.''

A “set of construction activity”? Curious phrase. But let’s go on. Remember, since the ascension of the Community Organizer to his throne, the Arabs – “Palestinians” --assured of his absolute support, began to insist that they would not even enter negotiations with Israel until all settlement activity had been halted.

Get that: before they will negotiate, they want Israel to concede first. And Mrs. Bubba doesn’t think that “prejudges or prejudices the outcome”?

``I was the first American associated with any admin to call for the establishment of a Palestinian state when I first did it 10 years ago.”

That phrase, “associated with any administration” is interesting. One has to wonder what else Mrs. Bubba can claim to have said during pillow talk, since it was her husband who appeared to be the President back then.

“A lot of people thought that was very radical. Now there is consensus we must get to a Palestinian state.''

If she actually said it, no kidding it was radical – it still is. The only place there’s a consensus that “we must get to a Palestinian state” is in the Arab-dominated US State Department and among the 23 Arab nations plus their assorted anti-Semitic groupies and hangers-on. There’s certainly no such consensus in Israel, and we’re the ones expected to cede a third of our country to the terrorists. One would think our opinion might count for something.

``I can't help but reflect back that when my husband was working so hard...it came very close. If it had gotten to an agreement we would not be talking about settlement activity...There would be a Palestinian state, it would have a capital in East Jerusalem.”

She’s right about that, too. If arch terrorist Yasser Arafat hadn’t walked out in frustration when Israel’s weak-kneed Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin refused to give him 100% of the land he was demanding -- instead of the 97% Rabin stupidly offered – there would indeed be a “Palestinian” state. It would unquestionably have a united Jerusalem as its capitol, because Israel would be gone, nothing more than a figment of history.

If Bubba himself had succeeded, Israel would have long-since been defeated. Why? Because 1. The land area remaining would have been militarily indefensible – nine miles wide right at the point where our population density is the highest, exactly where out single international airport is located; and 2. Because we would have given away our prime source of fresh water. There’s no easier way to defeat an enemy than to turn off the water faucet. Starving out your enemy is one quick way to victory – thirsting them out is even faster.

Then, Mrs. Bubba concluded, “I would be working to further the interests of the Palestinian people.”

Well, probably not. Why would Mrs. Bubba be working to further the interests of the Palestinian people – any more than she now works to further the interests of the Saudi Arabian people, the Syrian people or the Libyan people? The new nation of “Palestine” would be just one more Islamist terrorist state. The only democracy in the Middle East -- the only real friend the US has in these parts -- would be gone.

But hark! All is not well for the Community Organizer. Even as Macbeth’s witches predicted trouble, so should the Community Organizer beware.

Today’s election results in New Jersey and Virginia also foretell the future:
“By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes….“

Sayonara, Mrs. Bubba. Write when you get work.


  1. I beg to differ, recalcitrant me (don't you hate that?)
    There would not have become a Palestinian state, not on 97% of the land nor 110% of the land (which begs the question - per cent of what land exactly?) Nor will there ever be one, unless God forbid the international community would force one into coming into being, but that would be a very short-lived entity.
    The Palestinians have never really pushed for a state of their own and it doesn't play a key direct role on their agenda. Most nations hoping for a state of their own establish and build the mechanisms necessary for it, like the Yishuv did in the 30's and 40's. The Palestinians, if they can be called a nation, don't really do that except grudgingly in certain matters. A state of their own would never be much more a state than, say, Somalia.
    So, you ask, what does drive them? They're poachers. Ask the jackals or vultures if they would like territories of their own to hunt and stalk prey, and I'm sure they would say "no thank you. Let the lions and wolves do all the work and we"ll be happy to share in the spoils."
    They are poachers in their eternal anti-Israel campaigning and bashing as well. They never knew there was a "settlement" problem until the nice kind do-gooders on the Israeli left, looking for an issue, discovered it and forced the Arabs to co-opt the issue. None of the other issues raised against Israel were initiated by them. They've been co-opted into each by some of us, by some of the international organizations, and by some Arab countries. Abu Mazen himself didn't want to make an issue of the Goldstone report until he was forced to co-opt it by all the "humanity-minded" groups.
    This isn't a defense of Palestinians. Their one defining collective purpose is to attack Israel on any front to which they are directed. Running a sovereign responsible state doesn't promote that agenda. And if a state would be forced into being in any case, within months it would become a mere puppet of whichever country in the region which manages to gain control.