Monday, November 9, 2009

Stranger than fiction.....

An Israeli was visiting Paris and happened upon a terrible scene. A dog was attacking a little girl. The Israeli intervened and pulled the little girl to safety but the dog died.

Pretty soon he was surrounded by reporters. “Where in Paris are you from?” one asked. “Tomorrow the headlines will read, ‘Brave Parisian saves girl from dog’, or maybe ‘Heroic Parisian rescues little girl from savage beast.’"

"Actually," the man said, "I am not a Parisian."

"Alright, so the headlines will be ‘Brave Frenchman saves girl from dog.'"

"Well, actually I am not from France either."

“So where are you from?” the reporters wanted to know.

"Israel," he replied. To which the reporters turned and walked away.

The next day, the headlines read, "Israeli-generated violence consumes Paris. Dog dead, little girl injured."

A joke -- of sorts. But Abu Mazen is trying the same thing – for real.

A couple of days ago our world-designated “peace partner” Abu Mazen told a shocked world that he had “no desire” to run for the presidency of the Palestinian Authority in the upcoming January elections.

Why not?

“Israel does not want peace, does not want to stop settlement construction and does not want the two-state solution,” Abu Mazen said. “No matter how much they [Israel] try to assault our holy sites and lands, we won't allow them to do so," he said. "Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of the Palestinian people."

(If you can stand it, you really ought to read the whole article. It’s nothing short of insane how the terrorist Abu Mazen rants that the “Palestinians” have done everything they can to bring about peace, but the Israelis refuse to do anything at all to make it happen. Here’s the link:

So there’s no peace, Abu Mazen says, and the whole thing is Israel’s fault. May as well go eat worms.

But today the real reason Abu Mazen is allegedly pulling out is revealed.

What’s the real problem? Hamas, not Israel. That’s what former IDF intelligence Director Zev Farkash says.

"Abbas has no control in Gaza. The chance of a peace pact between Hamas and Fatah [Abbas’ party] is zero. The physical separation of the Palestinian Authority into two areas - Judea and Samaria ruled by the PA under Abbas and Gaza under Hamas – has virtually ruined any chance that the PA can carry out the American goal of turning it into a country."

Well, well, well. Abu Mazen is just joining the crowd, doing what comes naturally. Whatever your troubles are, blame Israel.

All that said, I still don’t believe Abu Mazen, spiffed up as the man of peace, Mahmoud Abbas, will really relinquish control.

After all, from all around the world, cash is still pouring in to help the poor beleaguered ‘Palestinian Authority’. There’s no doubt at all that a goodly portion of that finds its way into Abu Mazen’s own pockets. Abu Mazen will probably decide that while the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune do sting a bit, they don’t hurt nearly as much as would turning down free cash. As long as the money spigot still functions, why quit?

All that fawning attention from the world doesn’t hurt a guy’s ego one little bit either.

The old terrorist won't quit. He just wants to be begged – and bribed – to stay.

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