Sunday, November 1, 2009

Headline: “Palestinians accuse U.S. of killing peace prospects”

My first response? Thank G-d.

Not that I don’t want peace – which is to say, a just settlement between two peoples, allowing each to pursue their joint and several aspirations in confidence and safety, free from fear of each other.

But that’s not what the “Palestinians” mean when they say ‘peace’. What they mean is an end to the existence of Israel.

They want Israel gone – and then indeed, there will be ‘peace’. Oh, they’ll still have all the internal wars and uprisings, but they won’t have Israel to kick around anymore. Given all the infighting in the Arab world – all 23 countries – it’s clear the absence of Israel wouldn’t result in peace in the Middle East anyway, but at least the Arabs could find someone else to blame.

So if that’s what Reuter’s mean by this headline – that the US has “killed” the ‘Palestinians’ hope of eliminating Israel -- then that’s the first good thing the Community Organizer has accomplished. (But hey – even Hitler had nice handwriting. No one can be all bad, can they?)

In short, I long for the day in which the “Palestinians” heinous ‘peace prospects’ are dead and gone. If Obama accomplished that, that’s a good thing.

Alas, that’s probably not what Reuter’s meant. What’s more likely is that the Arabs are saying they’re profoundly disappointed with the Community Organizer because he hasn’t come through with the goods they believed he’d promised them, i.e., the end of that pesky Jewish state.

The Arab nations – to one of which the Community Organizer literally bowed down – had been led to believe that with the election of Muslim-friendly Hussein Obama, Israel would by this time be so weakened through Washington policy directives that our demise would be within their crosshairs.

To their dismay, that didn’t happen – to an admirable extent, Bibi stood his ground. So now the Arabs feel bitter and cheated. They’re ready to blame Hussein Obama for the failure of “peace” – which is to say, the failure to implement their agenda in eliminating Israel.

See? That’s what happens when you overpromise. Once you’ve promised the sun, the moon and the stars, then when you deliver only a few galaxies, the beneficiaries of your promises feel cheated. They won’t be grateful for the 80% you did deliver. They’ll remember only the 20% they didn’t get.

A seasoned statesman would have known that. Someone with just a tad of experience in something other than the cajones-busting work of Community Organizing in Chicago, of all places -- where cement booties are optional negotiating tools – would have learned that.

Someone with a bit of actual experience in something other than reading someone else’s golden words off a teleprompter would have known: you don’t just go out and promise you’ll be able to force some third party to bend to your will.

But the Community Organizer, in his incredible naiveté, doesn’t understand that. Witness the Olympics fiasco. He assumed the world will bend to his greatness, thanking the heavens above for the ability to do his bidding.

Yeah, well, not everyone is completely twitterpated with his presence.

What I actually think happened is that the Community Organizer – and his trusty sidekick Mrs. Bubba – fell victim to the Jerusalem Syndrome.

The Jerusalem Syndrome – a real set of psychological manifestations – is a recognized group of mental phenomena that come about after a visit to Jerusalem. It involves a number of religiously themed obsessions, delusions or other psychosis-like experiences. If affects Jews and Christians alike, and is independent of any previous incidences of psychopathology.

In a nutshell, a person afflicted with the Jerusalem Syndrome is overcome with a sense of divine mission. They start to believe they alone have the answers to all the world’s problems. That by their dictates, unity, sanity and harmony can be restored to the universe at large.

In short, a person afflicted with the Jerusalem Syndrome believes he can make the lions lie down with the lambs – and more importantly, that in the morning, both critters will wake up healthy and whole.

Hussein Obama appears to be so afflicted. He visited Jerusalem and became obsessed with the notion that he could bring about peace in the Middle East.

He thought he could speak, and it would be. That he could dictate, and the great unwashed masses would follow. That he could envision peace, and the doves would fly.
That didn’t happen. Not to mix a metaphor or anything, but the Community Organizer didn’t have nearly enough pixie dust to cover everyone over here, so there were whole blocks of us who didn’t believe. That’s the problem.

So now the “Palestinians” are upset. They expected the demise of Israel to be handed over like the head of John the Baptist. They didn’t get it. Now they’re unhappy.

Not to worry. If international relations really do function on the “Mouse that Roared” principle, then what will happen very soon is that the “Palestinians” will be granted tens of millions more of your tax dollars, to help them get over their feelings of rejection.

Count on it.


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