Thursday, November 5, 2009

Abu Mazen, have you no shame?

Rhetorical question, of course, because we all know the answer. Of course not.

Shame? What is that? Certainly nothing Arab terrorists concern themselves with.

In yet another announced resignation from political leadership, Abu Mazen (leader of the terrorist party Fatah, who now, resplendent in his Western haircut and bespoke suits, prefers to be known as Mahmoud Abbas) is pulling our cumulative legs again.

Well, why not? It works every time for him.

Every time the going gets tough over there, Abu Mazen announces he’s retiring – or not running – and then dollars, encouragement and support, in about equal measure, flow in from around the world.

So here he goes again: Abu Mazen announced yesterday he has "no desire" to run in the presidential election in the PA territories, slated for January 24. His resignation is ““is not meant as a tactic, or to manipulate.”

For decades we’ve known that when someone says, “It’s not the money. It’s the principle of the thing,” then we know it’s the money. When the Community Organizer announces that something “Is not about me”, then we know it’s all about him. When you hear Abu Mazen say his resignation isn’t “an attempt to manipulate” then you know it’s an attempt to do just that.

He used his most recent announcement of his retirement to blame Israel and the US, of course – Israel has “ruined” negotiating efforts by refusing to stop construction in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem as a precondition to negotiation. The US, for its part, is at fault for backing Israel -- which gives you some idea of just how dumb Abu Mazen’s thinks the rest of the world is.

In terms of duplicity, you don’t get much better than this:

Speaking directly to the Israeli public, Abu Mazen said: "Peace is more important than any achievement for a political party. Peace is more important than any government coalition. For many years, my opinion and vision have been that peace was still possible and I have sincerely worked to achieve this goal."


Just since the Oslo “Peace Agreements”, here are some of Fatah’s terror attacks:

November 27, 2001, 2 killed, dozens wounded when gunmen opened fire on a crowd in the Afula bus station
November 29, 2001, 3 killed, 9 wounded in a suicide bus bombing.
December 12, 2001, 10 killed, 30 wounded in Emmanuel by a bomb and gunfire on a bus
January 15, 2002, an American kidnapped and murdered at Beit Jala.
January 17. 2002, 6 killed, 35 wounded in Hadera when a gunman opened fire on a Bar Mitzvah celebration
January 19, 2002, 2 killed, 40 wounded, when a gunman opened fire on a crown in Jerusalem.
January 27, 2002, a female suicide bomber killed one and wounded 150 in Jerusalem.
January 30, 2002, a suicide bomber wounded two in Taiba.
February 18, 2002, a car bomb killed one and injured one near Jerusalem
February 18, 2002, 3 killed, 4 wounded by gunfire and bombs in Gush Katif
February 19, 2002, 6 killed, 1 wounded when a gunman opened fire on soldiers near Jerusalem
February 22, 2002, one killed in a drive by shooting north of Jerusalem
February 25, 2002, 1 killed and a pregnant woman wounded by gunmen in Gush Etzion
February 25, 2002, I killed, eight wounded by a gunman shooting into a crowd in Jerusalem
February 27, 2002, a female suicide bomber wounded three in Samaria.
March 2, 2002, 10 killed, 50 wounded by a suicide bomber just outside a Jerusalem synagogue.
March 2, 2002, 2 killed, 50 wounded by gunman near Netanya.
Marcy 10, 2002, a shooting attack killed one in Netzarim.
March 12, 2002, a shooting attack killed one, wounded one in an ambush near Kibbutz Matzuva
March 14, 2002, a remote controlled mine killed 3, wounded 2, on the Karni-Netzarim road.
March 20, 2002, 7 killed, 30 wounded by a suicide bomber in Afula.
March 21, 2002, 3 killed, 86 wounded, by a suicide bombing in downtown Jerusalem
March 29, 2002, 2 killed, 28 wounded by a bombing in a supermarket in Jerusalem
April 12, 2002, 6 killed, 104 injured in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market by a suicide bomber.
May 27, 2002, 2 killed, 27 wounded by a suicide bomb in a Petah Tikvah shopping mall.
January 5, 2003, 23 killed, 108 wounded by two suicide bombers in Tel Aviv
January 29, 2004: 10 killed, 50 wounded in a bus bombing in Jerusalem.
February 22, 2004: 8 killed, 60 wounded in a bus bombing in Jerusalem.
March 14, 2004: 10 killed, 16 wounded in two homicide bombings at the port of Ashdod

Are you getting the picture? Enough, already. I’m tired of typing.

There are hundreds of these terrorist attacks – and remember, these are only the attacked CLAIMED by Fatah – not by Hamas or by other terrorist groups. These are only those that Abu Mazen’s Fatah party claims credit for.

Abu Mazen served as arch terrorist Yasser Arafat’s top deputy for 40 years, and to this day, insists that terrorist organizations are legitimate “Palestinian” entities, and that they have a right to defend themselves against what he terms the “illegal occupation” of “Palestine” by Israel.

And of course this list also doesn’t include some very personal terrorist work by Abu Mazen himself – he was the one who financed the attack on the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

So now, to hear Abu Mazen, the man who has perpetrated, supported and encouraged terrorist attacks to weep crocodile tears at his own goodness, laying it on thick about how he’s “worked for peace” this whole time – well, it’s just too much.

How about that nose, huh?

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