Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Swedes get suckered too

US citizens who find their hard-earned tax dollars squandered on nefarious foreign activities – like paying $50 million to fund the recent terrorist Fatah Conference – can luxuriate in a bit of ‘misery loves company’ comfort.

Other governments are doing the same thing.

Now we know one of the reasons why the Swedish government refuses to apologize for the outrageous Aftonbladed newspaper article claiming that the IDF executes Arabs in order to harvest and sell their organs.

It’s because the Swedish government paid for the “research” that lead to the story.

The news came from Ma’ariv, an Israeli daily. Ma'ariv’s Swedish correspondent, Liran Lotker, reported that most of the material that ended up in Donald Boström’s heinous feature story was taken directly from a book he published in 2001 named “Inshallah” -- (‘if Allah wills’)

And who paid for research and publication of the book? The Foreign Ministry of Sweden, Swedish labor unions and several organizations based in Arab controlled areas of Israel.

So now things are hearing up all over again.

No more work visas will be granted to Aftonbladed reporters in Israel, said Interior Minister Eli Yishai. No press cards will be issued to Aftonbladed journalists, said the Government Press Office Director Danny Seaman.

An additional problem, Seaman said, is that newspapers like Aftonbladed hire leftists who pretend to be reporters. They enter Israel as “journalists” but in fact come to protest and wreck havoc.

Maybe the Swedes should stick to writing Ole and Lena jokes…..

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