Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Sixth Fatah Conference finally ended on August 13, and if you’ve been paying attention to the news reports, we know what they did: they ratified Article 12 of the Charter, which in which they call for the "complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence through violence."

What we didn’t know until now was that we, the great beneficent taxpayers of the United States, paid for the Conference.

According to the Syrian newspaper Al-Watan, the Community Organizer and Missus Bubba were kind enough to give Fatah $50 million to cover Fatah’s expenses. According to the news report, the cash was intended to “strengthen Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.”

The current administration – assuming one can refer to a nascent dictatorship as an “administration” – continues to live in la-la land regarding the purposes and intent of Fatah.

Apparently, in looking at the Israeli Arab situation, the folks at 1600 Pennsylvania decided that since there are two terrorist organizations vying for power – actually now there are three, given that Al Qaeda has jumped in, too – one must be more “moderate” than the other.

It’s hard to paint Hamas as “moderate”. The US, Canada and the European Union all list Hamas as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization”. So who’s left? Fatah.

It would be hard to be more openly dedicated to terror – attacks on civilians – than Hamas, so therefore Fatah, by default, must be more “moderate”. Right?

Wrong. If one thing was clear from the Fatah Conference, it’s that Fatah’s aspirations to be regarded as equally adept at terror as Hamas must be taken seriously. Fatah is as open and notorious about their intentions to end the existence of Israel as are any of the other terror groups dedicated to our destruction.

And Israel is just the appetizer, you know. Having consumed us, the full course is the United States.

The Conference hall itself was plastered with images of Palestinian "martyrs", Arab heroes who had been killed while carrying out terror attacks. There were slogans, such as "The right to resistance is a legitimate right" and "The right of return is a sacred right which will not be ceded."

The Conference was opened by PA terrorist Abu Alaa, referred to by the mainstream press by his cleaned-up Western name, Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei. He reminded the attendees of the glorious deeds of the Fatah terrorists who had carried out the 1978 Coastal Road Massacre in which 38 civilians were killed, including 13 children and an American photographer. An additional 71 were wounded. Homage was paid to these valiant heroes.

When terrorist Abu Mazen – his cleaned-up Western name is PA President Mahmoud Abbas – rose to speak, he too recalled with pride all the terror attacks against Israel which, he said, forced the "whole world to hear the voice of Palestine."

At least he was right about that. Terror attacks do indeed earn column inches.

Abu Mazen went on to endorse Arab chicanery, in which they appear to agree to “peace” agreements, but in fact use the time-outs as a strategy to rearm.

Nor do such agreements take the place of terrorism when that seems appropriate. “When we stress that we espouse the option of peace and negotiations based on the U.N. resolutions,” Abu Mazen said, “we retain our fundamental right to legitimate resistance guaranteed by international law. This right is also linked to our perception and to the national consensus, which is what must determine the appropriate forms of the struggle and the proper timing for [each]....”

The Conference set forth the following “pre-conditions” to any “peace” agreement with Israel”. There will be no peace agreement until:

• All “Palestinian” prisoners are released;
• All borders to Aza are opened; (thus allowing free access to carry out terror attacks)
• All 5 million “refugees” are “resettled” within Israel;
• Jerusalem, in its entirely, is handed over to the ‘Palestinians”;
• All Jewish residents are removed from Jerusalem.

Only then will the “Palestinians” agree to negotiate peace. As I’ve said before, once all that occurs, what’s left to negotiate?

Why does the world in general – not just the Community Organizer & Co – continue to insist that Fatah is a “moderate” Arab organization?

There’s nothing about Fatah that’s “moderate”, not even in comparison to Hamas or Al Qaeda.

If anything was clear from this whole conference, it was that Fatah is doing everything possible to burnish their own terrorist credentials and aspirations, proving they’re even more deadly -- committed to the end of the Zionist entity – as any other terror organization.

I can’t figure it out. What do our elected officials -- both Bushes did it, too, as did Bubba Clinton -- gain by funding terror organizations? What’s in it for them?

What benefit does the United States of America get, for denouncing terror in one breath, while simultaneously giving them hundreds of millions for their support?

When Edmund Burke wrote, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” he clearly underestimated the contemporary power of evil.

Apathy will allow evil to triumph, no question about that. But forcing taxpayers to pay for it makes it even easier.

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