Monday, August 10, 2009

I’m proud of you, Americans.

August doldrums being what they are, I’ve spent the last several evenings – way past midnight, last night – watching YouTube videos of some of the community meetings around the country. I’m amazed at what I’m seeing -- and totally delighted.

I haven’t seen this kind of grass roots fever –“Astroturf”? No way! -- since the early days of the Reagan campaign. Back then, Americans also rose up to take their country back – which they did. Only to see the first George Bush began the process of reclaiming it for the professional politicians in Washington, again. Since then, freedom has gradually disappeared, little by little. We forgot Thomas Jefferson’s admonition that the price of democracy is eternal vigilance.

That said, never in history has a democratic republic taken a nose dive so fast as during the six month reign of the Community Organizer.

But now? You’re blowing me away, guys. As I sit and watch meeting after meeting, I’m astonished when I see that you folks in the audience are doing, like showing that you know more about the evil “health care” plan than your Congressional representative who’s supposed to be voting on it.

Not that we should be calling it a “health care” plan. As one gentleman from Texas said: “This isn’t about health care. It’s about our freedom and liberty. That’s what we need to talk about.”

He was exactly right. It’s not about health care. It’s about freedom. It’s about democracy. It’s about not having a President who thinks he has the powers of a dictator.

It’s fun to watch the Holy Electeds fumble and stumble, finally admitting they don’t know the answer to the very basic questions you people are asking. “Will I be able to keep my private insurance?” that’s a reasonable question. “Are abortions funded?” For many of us, that’s a key issue. “What about pre-existing conditions, about the elderly, about waiting times for certain procedures?” Aren’t these questions to which the Community Organizer and his supporters ought to know the answers?

They always promise to find the answer, of course, and “get back to you.” Yeah, right. They don’t know (or care) who’s at these meetings. How are they going to “get back” with the answer?

They’re completely out of touch. They’ve been living the Washington Life for so long they don’t know that to real people, who live on real salaries, who pay very real taxes to pay for it all, these are important questions.

Like Sen. Chuck Grassley from Iowa – my recollection is that Grassley had a fairly conservative voting record. I would have expected more from him. But when he was being grilled during a community meeting about the “health care” bill, someone from the audience asked him what his deductable was, on his Senatorial Health Care plan. He said he didn’t know.

Do you get that? He didn’t know. That’s as embarrassing an admission as the first Bush, when someone during the campaign asked him how much a gallon of milk cost, and he had to admit he didn’t know. There are some of these common little pieces of everyday information these Holy Electeds should know. Period. They should know.

Wouldn’t you think, that with this piece of legislation being the #1 Hot Topic that it is, that these elected representatives, before they head out to what they know will be a contentious community meeting, would bone up on just a few facts? The whole world knows that Congress has granted themselves -- at our expense, of course -- the Rolls Royce of health care plans. Wouldn’t you think Grassley would want to have that fact in his head?

“How much is the deductable?” is a big question for most Americans. Everyone else has a pretty good idea of what health care costs them, out of pocket. Why shouldn’t he know, too?

Instead, if you saw the video, you know what Grassley told that constituent. First he promised to “get that information” – until some woman in the audience stood up and answered the question for him. She knew what his deductible was. And what did Grassley say then? His told the man who asked the question, “If you want a health care package like mine, get a job with the federal government!”

It’s unreal, the arrogance. Unbelievable. For someone who’s up for reelection in 2010, Senator Grassley needs a little trip to the woodshed. Just to get his attention, of course.

I’m also enjoying the “We haven’t read the bill” game. Back in the late 1970’s, California State Senator H. L. Richardson wrote a book called, “What makes you Think We Read These Bills?” It’s still in print, still funny, packed with stories of the insanity that takes place when the legislature is in session.

So Richardson admitted back then that most Holy Electeds didn’t read the bills – which gave him a lot of joy. Because Sen. Richardson DID read the bills. Some of his finest moments came as he skewered the authors who didn’t know what their own bills said.

It’s not just Congressional representatives who are feeling the heat from voters, either. If you didn’t watch it yet, don’t miss the AARP “listening session” in Dallas where AARP officials – the little lady said – had come to “listen to what you-all have to say” about the proposed legislation.

That’s what she said. “WE’RE HERE TO LISTEN”.

Except when rank and file AARP members began asking question, saying things she didn’t want to hear, the little lady closed up shop. She simply ended the meeting --- and not only stalked out, but came back to take down her microphone and electronic equipment, trying, it appears, to prevent the citizens who remained from discussing the issue among themselves.

She didn’t succeed – they kept talking. One of the most articulate speeches in this whole debate was given by a guy in that audience, toward the end of the video. The man said he was 61 years old, and had spent his life working 15 hours a day to support his family, “perusing the American dream”. He admitted he hadn’t played much of a political role beyond just voting, but one day he woke up. Now, he saw, things had gotten out of hand. “I realized that the politicians we elected were taking that American dream away from me faster than I could get my hands on it.”

He’s so right – and he was correct, too, to say that it didn’t start with Obama, which of course it didn’t. It began with the erosion of the Reagan era late in The Gipper’s second term, when George Bush’s functionaries were already grabbing power for themselves, and undoing all the things that Reagan had accomplished --lowering taxes, limiting bureaucracy and restoring the county to its rightful owners, “we, the people.”

But here’s the really interesting thing: what the Community Organizer has done – and is doing – is galvanizing the populace to take action, to get involved, to take back their country.

The more Hussein Obama instructs his legions to “punch back twice as hard” the better it is for America. Because it’s backfiring on him.

A formidable base of real community activists is stepping out, organizing and taking hold. They’re opposing Obama and his minions, not just on “health care” anymore, but now they’re beginning to see – if they hadn’t already – the damage this completely incompetent man -- let’s assume it’s incompetence, and not just plain evil -- is inflicting at all levels.

Maybe what America needed was to encounter the worst possible leader, one who would – in a very short time – grab so much power and act with such arrogance, that he would force people to wake up, as the guy from Texas said.

So you go, Barry! That’s fine. You punch back – twice as hard, three times as hard, if you can. Because with everything you do, you’re stirring up the American people to rise up against you, your Democrat cronies, and all those spineless Republicans who need to be replaced just as much as Democrats.

Thanks to you feisty Americans, this is the most politically interesting August I ever remember.

Tomorrow: how Obama’s foreign policy plans are having exactly the same effect in the Middle East – accomplishing precisely the opposite of what he intended.

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