Monday, August 31, 2009


Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has finally been indicted – the first indictment of an Israeli Prime Minister, which seems a little strange. Certainly others, like Ariel Sharon, earned the distinction, but HaKadosh Baruch-Hu Himself had to step in when Israel’s attorney general failed to act.

With Olmert, too, the indictment is definitely a case of ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. At this point, who really cares? He should have been indicted back when it made some difference.

Like any time before he offered PA President Abu Mazen his own “Final Solution” deal: to give the Arabs 100% of Judea and Samaria; to absorb 30,000 Arabs who consider themselves refugees; and to internationalize Jerusalem, putting it under the control of Israel, the new “Palestinian” state, America and Saudi Arabia.

Thank goodness, once again, for the stupidity of our enemies. The Arabs turned that deal down, too – as they have every other deal offered. Like the others, Olmert didn’t offer enough.

How can anyone in the world possibly continue to believe that “peace negotiations” with the Arabs can ever be successful?

Get it through your heads, you “peace” advocates out there: the ‘Palestinians’ don’t want their own state. What they want is to get rid of Israel. One of the quickest ways to do that is by carving Israel up yet again, this time leaving nothing more than a militarily indefensible lump. Then they can attack, and it will be over.

Seeing the Drudge headline, “Madonna and Jesus tour Jerusalem” does give one pause….

No kidding? They certainly got a warmer welcome this time than they did before, when they had to divert to Bethlehem.

Of course this time, it’s the Material Girl who’s here to do two shows. Even so, she’s not receiving a universal welcome. In fact, Israel’s leading Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Batzri, said he was sorry that she’s getting such royal treatment – she’s scheduled to meet with both PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Opposition leader Tzipi Livni.

Rabbi Batzri, who’s the head of the Shalom Yeshiva in Jerusalem, notes that Kabbalah refers to spiritually deep understanding in Judaism, and even Jews are discouraged from studying it until they are deemed mature enough to handle the subject. Beyond that, Jewish law forbids men from hearing a woman sing. Therefore, Madonna’s concert appearances violate Jewish law and should not be allowed, the Rabbi says.

I agree. Israel has enough problems. Tourism is good, but all in all, I’d just as soon Madonna, or “Esther” as she calls herself here, in an interesting confusion of heroines – should keep her antics, her stylish black-baby accessories and her boy-toy in the US.

Or they could try Bethlehem again. That might be interesting – our Muslim cousins aren’t nearly as open minded about such matters as we are.

Last comments on Sweden – I promise. But here we go again, thank-goodness-for-loose-cannon Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who once again offered the incisive comment on the whole mess.

As you know, the Swedish government funded “research” which resulted in an Aftonbladed newspaper hit piece which said that the IDF is killing Arabs and harvesting their organs for sale.

Lieberman took it upon himself to respond to Italy’s Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini, who was playing peacemaker, urging Sweden to apologize.

“We didn’t request an apology (nor are we interested in) taking moves against the newspaper,” Lieberman said. “Our entire request from the Swedes is to disavow the article and condemn it.”


And that, of course, the Swedish government continues to refuse to do.

That said, the incident continues to bring out the wisecracks from some of Israel’s bureaucrats. At this time, no press passes are being given to reporters from the Aftonbladed newspaper.

So someone asked one of the staffers when they expected to start issuing press passes again. “I don’t know,” the clerk is said to have replied. “At least not until we’ve determined whether they’ll make good organ donors.”


  1. Ya just gotta love our Lieberman! He is one straight shooter and has the guts to say the truth.
    Thanks for your truth about what the Palestinians really want. Me? I do not swim, I never learned to swim and I am not going to be pushed into the sea just to make them happy.

  2. No kidding -- Lieberman is great. And the more the rest of the world hates him, the more I love the guy,

    Finally! A straight talking politician!