Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, well. The Community Organizer is finding a little resistance out there in the world.

He succeeded pretty well in getting the banks, the automakers and the doctors to swallow the hemlock when he ordered them to, but he’s not having much luck with the rest of the world.

Can you imagine? All sorts of foreign leaders are simply refusing to lie down and assume room temperature when ordered to by the American President.

 Bibi said ‘no’ to the Bamster’s “two state” – the Final Final Solution – for Israel. As did the Arabs, for that matter.

 The Madman of Iran said ‘no’ to the Bamster’s polite suggestion that it freeze its nuclear building spree – and then added a ‘hell no’ by saying that he didn’t plan to talk about it anymore, either. And just to show they really mean business, the Madman dispatched six warships into international waters.

 Yesterday the British banks revolted against the Bamster’s orders to them to collect taxes on American citizens. Taking a page from Bartleby the Scrivener, they said they preferred not to, and instead, would simply refuse to accept American customers.

 To top it all off – no wonder the Bamster decided to skip any Memorial Day observation and play golf instead – North Korea exploded a nuclear bomb the size of the one that wiped out Hiroshima. Then the Madman of North Korea said that by the way, he’s also going to test short-fire missiles in the Yellow Sea. And he’s not interested in discussing it with the Bamster either.

Tsk tsk. Can it be that glib words – or even high falutin’ oratory read from a teleprompter – from the Community Organizer won’t be enough to convince the lions and the lambs to lie down together without one of them being dead?

During last fall’s debates, the most horrifying thing about this man so many of you seemed to worship was his naivety. As he stood there, spinning words to the effect that if we just sat down and talked with the world’s terrorists, reached out to them, showed them respect, they would turn into pussycats and take up needlepoint instead.

To any rational person, that was sheer insanity. It showed egregious ignorance of the world situation coupled with a total lack of understanding of the terrorist mind.

It demonstrated an almost-beyond-comprehension naivety, one that should have set off warning bells signaling that this man didn’t belong in the US Senate, let alone in the Oval Office.

Barry Rubin has written an absolutely brilliant piece on that kind of criminal innocence, called “Naivety Kills”, published today in Think-Israel,

Please. Read the whole piece. Rubin doesn’t mention the Community Organizer, but rather talks about how individuals, journalists and the American public as a whole have been duped by the despots of the world.

Terrorists, you see, don’t have any problem lying to get what they want.

Rubin shows how they invite foreign journalists in, wine and dine them – not to mention paying them. They flatter them, telling the journalists how unique they are, and how amazing it is that they understand their poor beleaguered country so well.

The journalists are duped – they see nicely-cleaned-up, wealthy men who speak well and appear perfectly reasonable and “moderate” in their opinions and ambitions.

They believe. Then they go back home and write about how misunderstood these terrorists are, how ‘moderate’ and ‘peace loving’ they really are... ta da, ta da… And then you believe.

Rubin’s final sentence: “People have a right to be foolish and na├»ve. But they have no right to misdirect national policies and risk — or cost — the lives of hundreds and possibly damage the lives of millions on the basis of their own stupidity.”

If that’s true for Joe Sixpack, how much more true it is for the President of the United States?


  1. What ever one wants to say about Barry,he definately displays a fertilizer eating grin in this portrait.

  2. Steve Kroft had it right: "Mr. President, are you punch drunk?"

    "You're sitting here," Kroft said. "And you are laughing. You are laughing about some of these problems. Are people going to look at this and say, 'I mean, he's sitting there just making jokes....'?"

    Well, Nero fiddled. Nothing new under the sun, I guess.