Sunday, May 17, 2009

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At this writing, Bibi and the entourage have landed in Washington ready for tomorrow’s session with the Community Organizer, who plans, apparently, to organize the Middle East as well.

A few hours ago several Israelis sent last minute messages to the Prime Minister. Knesset Member Ya’akov “Ketzaleh” Katz, chairman of the National Union party, reminded the Prime Minster of his election promises.

“You were elected by the majority of the Jewish public in Israel which trusts you not to stray from the promises you (made) to safeguard the Land of Israel for the Nation of Israel alone, and to end the discrimination against the pioneers who settle the land.

“Just as you stood firm against domestic pressures from those who tried to cajole you into declaring support for the ‘two state’ plan, so you will know how to stand firm in the face of the nations of the world, lest this evil plot be realized in our Holy Land.

“The Nation of Israel prays that you will succeed in your mission to stand resolute as the emissary of the Eternal Nation and its history, to build the Land and strengthen it.”

Rabbi Shalom Gold of the Union of Rabbis for the Nation of Israel asked the country to pray for the Prime Minister and for Israel. “We must pray that Hashem will give strength to Binyamin Netanyahu in this critical mission,” he said.

“(The Prime Minister) is now facing an entire array of people who want to force upon us the ‘final solution of the Jewish problem,’ – ‘two states for two peoples.’ This is a solution that began back in the days when Tzipi Livni (the Kadima candidate, Ehud Olmert’s party) believed she would be the midwife of the Palestinian State. Such a state is an existential danger to Israel.”

He must stand firm in front of his American counterpart, the Rabbi said, “Because one mistake by him could bring great sorrow to generations.”

Is this overreaction? Do we fear the Community Organizer too much?

I don’t think so – not if you’ve been paying attention to the way the way Obama has been threatening everybody else who lags behind in obeying his orders.

Remember how he threatened Thomas Lauria, attorney for one of the investment banks, that if they continued to oppose the administration’s Chrysler bankruptcy plan, the White House would use the press corps to destroy its reputation?

Remember how he threatened Great Britain? Saying that if a British court described (British citizen) Binyam Mohamed's torture, then the U.S. will no longer inform Britain of terrorist plots – which could very well result in the loss of life?

Remember how he threatened California just a few days ago? If the State – which is in dire financial straits – didn’t restore wage cuts to unionized home healthcare workers, he would rescind billions of dollars in stimulus money?

Remember how right now, Obama is threatening the internet and talk radio in order to silence critics and the growing number of people who oppose his Socialistic remake for America?

There’s just no reason at all to think that the Thugster in Chief – who from the start of his campaign rarely bothered to hide either his antipathy for Israel or his Muslim sympathies – won’t do whatever it takes to force Israel to obey his orders as well.

Still, the Netanyahu people seem confident they can stand up to whatever’s in store tomorrow.

According to a YNet report and Israel National News, one official from the delegation commented about the meeting saying that Israel would stand firm and assure its security.

“We think that the Israeli stance is clear. Israel will maintain its demands regarding its identity as a Jewish state, the importance of its security and its fear of having another army to deal with west of Jordan."

Of course that doesn’t say anything about rejecting the “Final Solution” of the “two state solution”. So only time will tell.

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