Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Emperor may not be properly attired.

There’s an interesting article on Yahoo news this morning – interesting for two reasons.

First, it’s the second inside of a week to suggest that Barack Hussein Obama may not really know everything there is to know.

Second, the substance of the piece itself is interesting: “Analysis: Obama scrambles against militant threat”.

Why? It repeatedly uses words like “costly”, “expensive”, “difficult” and “far reaching” to refer to the Community Organizer’s approach to the ongoing terrorism.

You’ll note that it doesn’t go so far as to call the Taliban ‘terrorists’, of course. “Militants” it says, apparently because mere genocide isn’t enough to earn the “T” label.

Genocide? “The policy of the Taliban is to exterminate the Hazaras,” said Maulawi Mohammed Hanif, Taliban Commander, announcing their policy after killing 15,000 Hazaras people in a single day. “Hazaras are not Muslim. You can kill them. It is not a sin.”

So – by the media’s standard, the Taliban qualify only as ‘militants’. To be termed a “terrorist” you have to oppose abortion, chop down trees or be an Israeli.

In any event, Yahoo’s analysis suggests, in ever so oblique a fashion, that the Community Organizer is opening a heck of a can of worms and doesn’t seem to be aware of it.

First, it recounts how he permitted Missus Bubba to apologize for US air strikes that killed dozens of civilians, men, women and children, on Monday.

(What happened? The Taliban herded something over 120 civilians into 17 different houses, attempting to use them as human shields. When US war planes fired at the houses anyway, they were killed. Sound familiar? Of course when Hamas does that in Aza and the air strikes are made by Israeli planes, then it’s a different matter. Then it’s Israelis who are terrorists.)

All that said, when the US killed an awful lot of innocent Afghans, the Afghan President Hamid Karzai wasn’t amused.

But the Community Organizer didn't want to talk about it. Enough about war and death, he said, in effect. He preferred to talk about “nation building” and how to “make life better for the beleaguered people” in both nations.

"No matter what happens we will not be deterred," he piously proclaimed.

Well, here we go again. The Community Organizer is lapsing into Oval Office Speak.

That’s the very same line we heard from President Bush – not to mention Israel’s goofy former Prime Minister -- whenever there was a deadly terrorist attack in Israel.

As soon as the smoke from the bombed bus cleared, sometimes even before the bodies had been hauled away, officials on both sides of the pond scurried to the microphones to “assure people” that “This will not interrupt the peace process!”

Which is completely nuts. In any rational situation, terrorist attacks damn well should “interrupt” the “peace process”. How can you have a “peace process” when one side is still killing civilians?

Just so, when the “militants” you insist you’re trying to help respond by killing as many civilians as they can, the Community Organizer damn well should be “deterred”.

His line, “no matter what happens we will not be deterred” echoes that old gag about insanity. When you keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

All that said, it is interesting that at least one news outlet has taken a wee baby step outside the box.

They’re not coming right out and saying that the President lacks clothing, of course, but they are suggesting the possibility that he may have forgotten his pants.

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  1. Wellll. Let's just say that Mr. Obama is a little blinded, shall we? After all, it Hamas does something it's okay and of the Taliban does something it's okay. Let's see what happens when Israel does something. Let's not hold our breaths though.