Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh-oh. The mice have taken over, figuratively speaking. The cats are in trouble.

There’s bad news from the National Security Cabinet that met today.

What was the topic? The PA’s refusal to agree to enter negotiations with Israel.

During the session, Bibi said, “It seems as though the PA has adopted a strategy of rejecting negotiations with Israel in order to avoid demands made by Israel and the international community that necessitate compromise on their part. This is a mistaken approach.”

With all due respect, Mr. Prime Minister, what the Arabs are doing is NOT a mistake. In fact, it you had any sense, it’s exactly what you'd be doing, too.

The Arabs have indeed refused to enter negotiations, make “gestures” of peace to Israel contrary to their own best interests, or to soften their demands in any way. Quite the contrary, they have stepped up their demands.

And what’s happened? As Bibi says, they have avoided any demands being placed on them by either Israel or the “international community.”

Israel, on the other hand, is beset with demands everywhere we turn. Why? Because we've been signaling “weakness” in every possible way.

We’re willing to compromise, we say. We’re willing to give. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best.

And what’s happened to Israel? We’re inundated with demands, which -- should we give in -- would weaken us still even more.

Sorry, Mr. Prime Minister. What the Arabs are doing is smart.

Maybe if we said "no", too, the "international community" would find some other place in the world to tinker. The Arabs have made it clear they're not playing the game. If we made it clear that we're not playing either, maybe the spectators would give up and go home.

I wish with all my heart that Bibi would do what the Arabs are doing. Maybe then we could move closer to a real peace, on terms we could live with.

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