Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ah, you gotta laugh. There’s just nothing else to do in the face of such horrendous farce.

So yesterday we noted that the Fatah terrorists who shot and killed Rabbi Meir Chai as he was driving home from work were in fact US-trained terrorists, serving as “peacekeepers” under Maj. Keith Dayton.

We also noted that the IDF retaliated, hunting down and killing the three who had murdered, in cold blood, this hardworking and innocent civilian father of seven. (Much better than the way the US handles terrorists, right? You think requiring soldiers to Mirandize terrorists on the battlefield, then provide them with high-powered lawyers when you put them on trial in New York is preferable?) Israel did it right.

So what happens today? “Senior Administration Officials” from the US are demanding “clarifications” from Israel, as to how the terrorist exterminations went down. The US government is concerned that Israel didn’t, in fact, extend all the legal rights to the terrorists it should have.

Well – I suppose that makes sense. After all, the terrorists were American supported, sponsored and trained. They were, in fact, acting as agents of the US government.

So I guess – in this upside-down world – even if American-trained terrorists plot, plan and then murder an Israeli civilian, the American government has a right to complain if their hired killer isn't granted all his legal rights. That makes some sense, in this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world we’re inhabiting right now.

Now that’s the question: Is an American supported, sponsored and trained Arab terrorist equal to say, a US Marine?

Should Israel face the same consequences in eliminating an American-trained terrorist, as they would for shooting a US Infantryman or Marine?

I guess.

America has become a terrorist state. What else can you say?

Several months ago, the Community Organizer bragged that the US was, in fact, one of the world’s biggest Moslem countries. Not true by any standard, of course, but truth was the first victim of the Obama administration.

So now, will the Community Organizer step up and claim the US is also, then, one of the world’s largest terrorist states?

(PS: What did Israel actually do, in killing the terrorists? When the IDF units pursuing the terrorists received accurate information as to where the three were hiding out, they spent three hours chasing them. One terrorist hid inside his home and sent his wife as a human shield to the front of the home.

"After the IDF operated on all required levels and using all means to arrest him,” the IDF spokesman said, “and when he did not respond to the loudspeaker, nor to the means of riot dispersal and additional means, and in the knowledge that the man was armed and dangerous, a decision was made to open fire.”)

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