Wednesday, December 2, 2009

News stories today remind me of an encounter I had with an anti-gun demonstrator back in Sacramento.

Those were the days when gun ownership was under attack – still is, probably, but more so then. A group of demonstrators were marching outside the Capitol, many of them carrying signs. One woman’s sign read, “COLLECT ALL HANDGUNS NOW! GUN OWNERSHIP SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!”

Which strikes me as utter insanity. Obviously the only people who would comply with such an edict would be honest, law-abiding, tax-paying, honorable people. The criminal class would laugh – they’d love it. Confiscation of handguns and outlawing all guns for private citizens would render everyone helpless against their thievery, burglary, mugging and worse.

So I walked up to the lady as she marched in the circle, shouting, over and over, “NO GUNS!” I asked if I could speak with her. We stepped aside, and I explained what I thought about her desire to make all gun ownership illegal, and for the government to confiscate handguns. Didn’t she know what would happen? That then only criminals would have guns, and that citizens – good citizens – would be helpless against them?

She admitted she knew that, and she understood that’s what would happen. She agreed it wasn’t good, and that in fact was dangerous. “I know it won’t work,” she said, regarding the sign she herself was carrying. “I realize that disarming good citizens will cause a lot of problems because people wouldn’t be able to protect themselves.”

So why was she demanding that it be done, then? “Because we have to do something. I know this won’t work, but it’s better than doing nothing.”

Well, that left me flummoxed. What can you say in the face of such irrationality?

But here we go again – on two separate issues, the Community Organizer is demanding laws be passed, even though he – not to mention countless millions of other Americans – know and admit that not only will it not work, but it will actually prove harmful.

First is ObamaCare. The analysis of the Congressional Budget Office is that under both plans now in the House and Senate, some 24 million people will still remain uninsured – up from the alleged 17 million uninsured right now.

But worse than that, the Democrat plan will raise every family’s annual insurance bill by about $2100. Think of it: an EXTRA -- on top of whatever they’re paying right now -- an EXTRA $250 a month, for a plan that will not only not solve the alleged problem of uninsured Americans, but will also make it far more expensive for regular people to buy it. And that doesn’t even mention the rationing of health care, which will hit everyone across the board.

But does that stop the Democrats? Not at all. The Community Organizer and his loyal henchmen still insist it needs to be done. Failure to enact this legislation is not an option, they say. Yes, it won’t work. Yes, it will make matters worse. Yes, we know all that, but we desperately need to do it anyway. It's better than doing nothing.

Then comes the infamous “Global Warming” -- renamed “Climate Change” after three years of record breaking cold and snow the world over.

As an aside, I want those of you with whom I’ve argued about this over the years to know how charitable I’m being. You insisted that “Global Warming” was real, that I was just ignorant when I said it was nothing but a Democrat hoax designed to force taxes and lifestyle changes on Americans they wouldn’t otherwise accept. I refused to believe the sky was falling, and you styled yourselves as valiant “Chicken Littles”, struggling to save the world. Now that the truth is out, and we know that the “scientific” studies were cooked, that none of it was true – I’m being kind. I have NOT forwarded a single news item to you, bearing those painful words, “I was right.” Trust me, my fingers have been itching to gloat at you, but I think I've restrained myself rather admirably.

So anyway, now the truth is out. The science was faked. None of it was real. Scientists changed and altered data and imposed professional harem – exile and ostrasization -- on any of their colleagues who dared disagree. So it’s not true. There is no “Global Warming”, no “Climate Change” – or at least no studies at all that prove such a thing.

But what is the Community Organizer doing? Going right ahead with his plans. Pushing for “Climate Change” plans for the “global community” – allegedly to combat this terrible menace. Setting off for Copenhagen, again “putting his credibility on the line”, as several reporters phrase it. ‘What credibility?’ some of us might be asking, but nonetheless, he’s off and running. He’s going to press for punitive world conformance to solve a problem that doesn’t exist – and that he knows doesn’t exist.

Back home, he’s continuing to push his killer economic legislation, ‘cap and trade’ -- read that ‘cap and TAX’ – that represents the largest tax increase on American citizens in history. His legislation imposes a tax on energy everywhere it is consumed on everything it is used to make or provide.

Will it work? No – of course not. It doesn’t need to “work” – the problem they’re trying to solve doesn’t exist.

Will it do actual harm? I don’t even have to tell you what all these tax increases are doing to the American – not to mention world – economy.

Will any of that stop them? No, of course not. Just because their ideas won’t help anyone, and will actually make matters considerably worse, is no reason not to implement them, anyway. After all, “We have to do something”.

Tell you what: The one thing we really do need is “regime change”. In America.

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