Sunday, July 19, 2009

A singular honor has been bestowed on the Community Organizer. A rebuilt Israeli village is being named after him.

A few days ago Hussein Obama, concerned about his image with American Jews, invited about a dozen “Jewish leaders” to a special White House briefing. It wasn’t much of a risk: he invited only people who already agreed with him -- left-wing pander-bears, Democrats, feminists, reform and conservative Jewish organizations, people who could be counted on to affirm their much-loved President’s good intentions afterward.

It appeared to have the desired effect. The liberal press reported that now American Jewry was satisfied with the Community Organizer’s ‘tough love’ stance toward Israel. It was just fine with them.

‘Taint so, not in Israel, anyway. Never has there been a greater divide between the Democrat, liberal assimilated Jews of America and the Jews in Israel. In Israel, the Community Organizer is reviled.

A popular joke going around the Prime Minister’s office goes like this:

What do Americans do when something breaks down in their home - when the sink is blocked up, the toilet overflows, a fuse burns out?
Answer: They ask Barack Obama to give a speech and then the problem is solved.

Here the Community Organizer is regarded as an empty suit, all the more dangerous for the fact that he believes himself to be omnipotent. He carries on like a king sitting on his throne, willy-nilly issuing edicts – with an “off with his head” mentality for anyone who dares to disagree.

Not everyone is fooled. El Rushbo, just the other day, had a riddle of his own: “What are the two most meaningless words in Washington?” Answer: “Obama says.”

A few blogs ago, when Obama issued an edict to the effect that henceforth he was forbidding Jews living in parts of Israel from having babies, I promised that from now on, all we would do is laugh at him. In the face of such insanity, what else can you do?

Today, a worthy group of “settlers” – make that ‘Israelis’ – is having some fun of their own. They’ve named the former community of Homesh (one of the four villages in Samaria made Judenrein in 2005 by the despicable Ariel Sharon) the “Obama Hilltop”.

If you think you’ve heard this story before, there’s some justification.

Back in June, just after the Community Organizers famous “Cairo Speech, a single-shack outpost previously called Oz Yehonatan was renamed as “Obama Hilltop”. Israel’s heroic ‘Hilltop Youth’ had courageously set up a little building and named it in honor of the US President.

It didn’t stand long. The Israeli Border Police tore it down pretty quickly. The kids didn't give up – they promptly rebuilt it, following which the Border Police knocked it down again. The kids rebuilt, etc, etc. I presume, although I don’t know, that the cat and mouse game continues.

Why do they do that? Persist, rebuilding, time after time, never giving up? MK Michael Ben-Ari, a National Union member of the Knesset, explained, "We can see here yet another healthy expression of the Jewish people’s return to our land, and we are not planning to leave. We have no other land; the Arabs have 22 countries – it’s too bad that Obama did not mention that in his speech. Giving them another country means an attempt to destroy the Jewish people in Israel – and we have no intention of being destroyed."

That was in June. This new ‘Obama Hilltop’ is being built on the site of one of the villages that Ariel Sharon, to his everlasting disgrace, turned over to Hamas. That said, Homesh is one of the cities most likely – eventually, may it be soon and in our time -- to be retaken by Israel, reclaimed from the Hamas terrorists, as essential for Israel’s security. Instead of being a base for terror operations, it will flourish as an agricultural community once again.

So this new ‘Homesh-Obama Hilltop’ is a far more serious issue than was the first attempt. This isn't a group of brave kids thumbing their noses at the Community Organizer, this is a honest effort by rank and file Israelis, supported by several major organizations.

In establishing the ‘Obama Hilltop’ the Israelis also sent a letter to the Community Organizer.

It began by saying, "Mr. President, your policy that aims to destroy the Jewish communities of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem will no longer go unchallenged."

The letter went on to call Obama's objection to Israeli construction "an affront" to history and the Jewish religion, and compared Obama to the Biblical Pharaoh of the book of Exodus who kept the Jewish people in bondage.

"Your objection to Jewish childbearing (natural growth) in these areas is reminiscent of Pharaoh's order to drown all the first-born children of Israel during the slavery in Egypt," the Israelis said.

Therefore, "Mr. President, we hereby launch the "Homesh - Obama Hilltop Project," adding that their intent was to "rally the worldwide pro-Israel community to support the rebirth" of the evacuated village.

Here’s their website – in English.

There are pictures, videos – and best of all, if anybody in the US still has ten bucks to spare, a chance to thumb your nose at the Community Organizer, too. Donate $10 to the effort and the rebuilt community “will symbolically and defiantly be called ‘Homesh -Obama Hill’ until President Obama is out of power.”

Once you’ve made your donation, you can click again, and send an email to the Community Organizer, advising him of your donation.

If ever there was a time for Jews, Christians and Good Americans of all persuations to stand firm against their President, this is it.

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