Monday, July 6, 2009

ME? I'm a threat to world peace?

Ah! Thank goodness! Now we know.

The Community Organizer has been frothing at the mouth over the “settlements”, which is what he calls parts of Israel known as Judea and Samaria. He wants those parts of Israel to be Judenrein, free of all Jews.

To get that ball rolling, he insists that now, even before negotiations begin, Israel must “freeze” all “growth and construction”, that Israeli families be forbidden from building extra rooms on their existing homes, and certainly not be allowed to build any new ones.

He even insists on no “natural growth” in all these communities, which equals about half the size of the territory that constitutes the State of Israel.

But what does that mean? Any idea? To say that a community – any community – not be allowed to “grow naturally”, is a bit vague, wouldn’t you say?

So at a press conference in late June, some reporters quizzed George Mitchell, Hussein Obama’s Arab envoy to the Middle East.

Here’s how the question and answer session went:

QUESTION: . . . can you give us just a definition of what the United States considers natural growth? What does that phrase mean in your mind?

MR. MITCHELL: There’s been no change in our policy. And there have been - there have been discussions on every aspect of the issue.

QUESTION: Well, what does natural growth mean? I mean, can you just use it in…

MR. MITCHELL: I’m constantly asked by editors, you know, please give a plain explanation of what natural growth is.

QUESTION: If it’s for your editor. (Laughter.)

MR. MITCHELL: Well, of course, one of the issues is that there is no universally used and accepted definition. The most common definition is by the number of births, but there are many variations of that. I’ve had numerous discussions with many Israeli and other officials, and there are almost as many definitions as there are people speaking. But I think the most commonly used measure is the number of births.

So let’s get this straight. When the Community Organizer says “no natural growth”, he means they can’t have babies? That even if they were willing to let the baby sleep in a closet or in the bathroom, they still aren’t permitted to have a child?

Does it occur to you that this is an awesome dictate for a foreign leader to make to a -- previously, anyway -- democratic ally? No babies?

Does it occur to you that the whole crowd in Washington is completely nuts?

I’m beginning to think that the proper response to anything the Community Organizer says is laughter. He's either let his megalomania reach the point of insanity, or else he's kidding. He can’t seriously think he can dictate a "no babies" policy to some other country.

Can he?

(Thanks to Doris Wise Montrose of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors for the quote )

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