Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July 4th, America! Israel is staying home

US Ambassador to Israel James Cunningham is throwing the US’s annual 4th of July celebration at his home in Herzliya, one of Israel’s most elite communities.

Traditionally, Israeli politicians vie for invitations to this shindig – the food is great, the atmosphere rank with power and it’s a prime chance to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers.

But not this year. This year, most Israeli politicians are turning down the invite.
“There’s a certain mood and style in Washington that makes it hard to go and celebrate,” said Likud MK Danny Danon, who called on his fellow Members of the Knesset to boycott the event.

“American independence is the model for western nations, including for Israel,” Danon said.”As the Americans would rise up against any attempt of outside involvement in their internal affairs, so too will Israel ignore all types of involvement on the part of America and others."

In other words, Israel is getting more than a little iicked off with the constant meddling of the Community Organizer and his henchmen.

What specifically is sticking in our craw? Danon’s list includes:

First, America’s attempt to force Israel to stop building in Judea and Samaria. It is highly objectionable for the US to attempt to dictate housing restrictions to a sovereign nation, let alone a democracy who for many decades has been a stalwart ally of the US. “America is trying to call into question the State of Israel's independence,” he says.

Second, US Envoy George Mitchell’s nasty remark, that Israeli 'doesn't stop lying', seriously damages Israel’s honor,” Danon says. Although we should hardly be surprised. Mitchell is, after all, an Arab. And that’s been their line for generations.

Third, the publication of that totally non-essential, gratuitously offensive, picture of President Obama with his shoes up on the table while he spoke with the prime minister. That one picture spoke volumes about what the Community Organizer thinks about Israel.

Danon, who’s both an effective and respected member of Likud, was one of the more outspoken critics of the Community Organizer’s Cairo speech. “The president has crossed all lines. His implied comparison between the Israeli government and the Nazi regime said everything. He has made a covenant with the Arab world and rewarded it for more than 60 years of aggression.”

So Danon set out to organize a boycott of America’s Independence Day celebration. “I call upon MKs to boycott the event at the ambassador's house, to deliver to the American administration a clear message - that the State of Israel is independent and not President Obama's pet."

The party is being held tonight, Wednesday, because July 4th falls on Shabbat this year. As of this morning, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will attend the event, but according to Danon, “the majority of coalition members will not attend."

Danon said he was certain most of his fellow Likud members would be absent, as would representatives from Shas. A number of MKs from his own party, he said, already approached him in the hours after the letter was sent to tell him they would not attend.

Personally, I’d be delighted to hear that a solid majority of Israel’s elected officials would indeed stay away. But I know the political beast too well. Whether they’re Israeli or American politicians, the compulsion to be there, to be seen at events attended by power brokers, frequently proves too strong for mere mortals to withstand.

It is without question, in any event, that the Community Organizer has seriously damaged US – Israeli ties. Whether Israeli politicians do boycott this social event or not, the breach is clear.

That may be for the good – Israel is indeed a sovereign nation, and it’s time we started acting like one. The unseemly pandering of Israeli politicians to US interests over the last several years hasn’t done us any good at all. In fact, we’ve suffered from trying to carry far too much of the US’s burden in the Middle East, as each succeeding American President comes into office and decides that he will be the one to finally create “peace” in these parts.

I’d be perfectly happy if the rest of the world would just ignore us for awhile. Let us get on with it, coping with our murderous neighbors as we see fit.

And if that means that Ambassador Cunningham is going to have a lot of food left his little party, so be it.

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  1. Off on another tangent:

    When my son was 4 years old I had the opportunity to spend an entire morning showing him all the historic and cultural sites of downtown Washington D.C. Since he is American (I'm not) I thought this would be a good educational educational experience for him.
    I planned the morning well, getting off the subway before the Mall to start at Ford's Theater, a shrine for all right thinking people. Although I should have expected this, it was a bit startling to walk through the streets towards Fords Theater. All the people on the street, mostly young males, shared an appearance noticeably different from ours. I may add that they did not appear to be Jewish. Undeterred, I picked up a brisk pace, intent on reaching our destination without incident or threat.
    In retrospect, I suppose Washington D.C. and the territories of Judea and Samaria share a number of similar attributes. Washington is extra-territorial to the 50 states. It is saturated with sites of deep historic significance. And it is home to a large population which is different in appearance from what might be called the mainstream (depending on perspective), a population which some consider to be threatening and dangerous. More recently, to add to the fear, one of these scary-looking people has moved into the house sitting right in the center of this territory.
    Makes one wonder if it is right that this population be allowed to continue settling in the center of this district. And if so, whether limits should be set on their capacity to reproduce. What's good for the goose....