Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last night I found myself thinking the whole world had followed Alice down the rabbit hole. The world has become so bizarre it seemed beyond explanation. But after reading the news reports this morning, I saw something I’d missed last night.

We’re looking at a new dawn here – at least in Israeli policy toward the ineffable buffoon who occupies the White House.

The Community Organizer is the key to all the insanity – both here and in the US. Looking at it from a legal prospective, let’s just say that if you placed an order for a carload of idiots and the company sent only Obama, there’s no question it would be considered substantial performance.

So here are excerpts from the two different news items that set me off:


Israel National News: In Tuesday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak (Labor) was received with an Honor Guard and hero’s welcome when he arrived in Washington to meet with the US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates. Why? Before departing Israel, Barak had orchestrated the destruction of several Jewish homes in villages throughout Judea and Samaria, a gesture much appreciated by the Community Organizer, who is demanding the forced expulsion of all ethnic Jews from these areas.


Jerusalem Post: Also on Tuesday, Robert Gates -- who had just honored Israel’s own pander-bear, the home-destroying Ehud Barak – then held a press conference in which he warned that Lebanon’s primary terrorist organization, Hezbollah, is rapidly acquiring a massive arsenal of rockets and missiles supplied by Iran and Syria.
Where are those rockets and missiles aimed? At Israel, whose northern border is shared with Lebanon.

“Syria and Iran are providing Hezbollah with rockets and missiles of ever-increasing capabilities,” Gates said. “Hezbollah has far more rockets and missiles than most governments in the world.”

Gates doesn’t get much credit for being much of a sleuth, by the way. The news of the missile transfers was reported in Kuwait’s Al-Rai newspaper earlier this month. What’s interesting was the timing. Gates, the Community Organizer’s henchman, chose to express his concerns about Hezbollah’s rocketry immediately after honoring the man who had just helped weaken Israel.

Could the regime’s message possibly have been any clearer? I don’t think so.

So there’s their plan: force certain Jewish Israelis out of their homes, force Israel to withdraw to Abba Eban’s ‘Auschwitz’ borders. Then, at the same time, allow Syria and Iran to supply missiles and rockets to terrorist forces on Israel’s northern neighbor – “far more rockets and missiles than most governments in the world have”.

And then what? The combined forces of Hamas, Al- Qaeda, the PLO, Hezbollah -- plus any other rag-tag terrorist group who wants part of the action – will have an easier time in their drive to wipe Israel off the map.

But what’s the regime’s purpose? Beats me. I don’t understand why they think they’ll gain something if Israel is eliminated. Maybe the Community Organizer thinks this might protect him from some bad press. After all, if Israel bites the dust before Iran’s nuclear bombs are ready for launching, then he can’t be blamed for not taking timely action against Iran.

Surely Dear Leader can’t possibly be so naïve as to think that there will be any kind of “peace” in this area after Israel is gone, can he? Most of the world’s terrorism right now is Muslim against Muslim. That wouldn’t stop even if Israel were no more (Gd forbid). All that will happen then is that the Muslim terrorists – flush from having destroyed Israel – will set their sights on the US.

How can that possibly be helpful?

But here’s the new dawn. The Obama regime has become so odious in these parts, so criminally naïve and so profoundly inept when it comes to dealing with the conflicting interests over here, that now – to some extent, at least – Bibi & Crowd have decided Dear Leader can safely be flouted. At least a little bit.

It looks like we’re wising up.

I’ve always wondered why it is that when previous “agreements” regarding Israel and its neighbors fall apart, the Arabs never seem to think that they are, or ever were, ever bound by anything. The world lets them get away with that. But not Israel. We, on the other hand, are supposed to observe all parts of the agreement that we WOULD have observed, if the Arabs had ever submitted themselves to the agreement in the first place.

Imagine that, in the real world. You work hard to negotiate a contract with another party. For whatever reason, the contract is never signed – but now you’re told that you're still be bound by all its terms. You, and only you. The other party isn’t bound by any of it.

Abiding by the tenets of various breached agreements with the Arabs was one thing. It became much more serious when the Community Organizer announced that he didn’t consider the US bound by any of the agreements previous US Presidents had entered into with Israel, either.

Finally, now, there’s some indication that Bibi & Crowd are getting tired of being kicked around. According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel has let it be known it has no intention “in the foreseeable future” of dismantling any of the 23 “unauthorized” outposts that were created in Judea and Samaria under Israel’s Ariel Sharon administration – despite a commitment to do so in Ole’ Bubba’s infamous “road map”.

Isn’t that refreshing?

Israel is saying ‘Fine. Don’t consider yourself bound by any previous agreements that existed between Israel and the US. But that being the case, don’t expect Israel to abide by those agreements, either. Fair is fair. If you’ve decided you’re not bound, then there’s no reason why we should be.”

There’s even talk of legalizing some or all of the 23 “outposts” – which is, by the way, a decidedly unfortunate term. Most of these are small villages, home to several families up to a few dozen families. Migron, the largest, has 46 families. So if by “outpost” you’re envisioning a make-shift structure perched on some lonely hill, forget it. Heck – if you think about it, most of these “outposts” are bigger than half the “towns” in my home state of North Dakota.

None of this is firm policy of course. It’s probably just chatter, posturing. But it is refreshing that finally, finally, Israel is acquiring a backbone where the Obama regime is concerned. And not a minute too soon.

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