Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is anybody besides me getting tired of this yet?

In January, 2010, 303 people around the world were killed in Muslim terror attacks. That includes the 105 killed – but not the 100+ who were injured – when a suicide bomber drove his car into a volleyball match in Pakistan, plus 37 other, separate, attacks.

February, 2010 – a month shorter by two days – saw 307 people dead of Muslim terror attacks around the world. February also included – the only one so far this year -- a non-Muslim terror attack when American Joseph Stack set his own house on fire, then flew his small plane into the IRS building in Austin, TX, killing two.

In March terrorism attacks took a big jump – 479 people were killed by Muslim terrorists protesting one thing or another. Sadly, that includes two Israelis who were killed in an ambush attack from Aza. Interestingly enough, two terror organizations took credit for that one – both Hamas and Islamic Jihad said they had accomplished the feat. Another Israeli was killed by a Kassam rocket fired from Aza earlier in the month.

Here’s the toll so far in April – 151 dead, and this is only the 6th day.

On April 1 – a real life “Fool’s” joke, no question about that – two Russian terrorists were killed in a “work accident” – they loaded their car with explosives, but it exploded prematurely, so they managed to kill only themselves.

Also on April 1, a total of 18 people were injured – no deaths – in separate and unrelated (except they were all accomplished by Muslims) bombing attacks in Yemen, Mozambique and India.

On April 3, 25 died when Iraqi gunmen in army uniforms attacked a village in Baghdad. They tied up the victims -- residents of nearby homes – and then shot them dead.

On April 4, 42 died and another 224 were injured when three suicide car bomb explosions went off in Baghdad. One was near the Iranian embassy, while the other two were detonated in the west-central district of the city.

On April 5, two died and five were wounded when two suicide blasts occurred near a local police department in Ingushetia, Russia. The second blast was timed to go off as officials rushed to aid those injured in the first.

Also on April 5, 44 were murdered and another 100 were injured when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a political party rally in Pakistan.

The Muslims were busy on April 5 – in another terrorist incident, seven died when terrorists attacked the US consulate in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. Apparently no Americans were killed, even though U.S officials claim the consulate was the intended target.

Yet another victim died at Muslim hands in Sri Lanka, when terrorists sprayed campaigners with bullets on the last day before the Sri Lankan parliamentary elections.

And today, April 6, so far 28 have died and another 75 are wounded in Baghdad were bombers destroyed several buildings in the capital city.

So here’s my question: can you imagine what the world-wide response would have been if Jews had been behind the -- so far in 2010 – 1240 premeditated civilian murders, all across the globe? (The two Texans killed by the frustrated US pilot are not counted in that total.)

Or for that matter, what if they’d been Christian? Or atheists? Or people from any other identifiable category?

Would the world be so silent -- so politically correct as to not point a finger – if all the murderers hailed from South Carolina, or Limerick, or the Alsace District of France?

But no, they were Muslims, expressing their dissatisfaction with something by setting out to kill as many innocent civilians as possible. And because of that, the rest of us are supposed to give them a pass. We are expected to maintain that ridiculous fiction that Islam is a religion of peace – even as these “peaceniks” set about killing as many of us as possible.

So there’s my question: Where’s the outrage? Am I the only one who’s getting really tired of this?

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