Saturday, January 2, 2010

You can see why the liberals are trying so hard to indict this guy – they’ve been trying, with one accusation or another, for decades. That’s how the left works, of course. Unable to compete in the world of ideas, they’re left to defame the person instead. Whether or not the charges are true or not is totally irrelevant. The important thing is to shut up anyone they disagree with.

So once again I say. ‘Thank G-d for loose cannons” – “loose cannon” being one of the left’s more minor characterizations of Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.
What does Lieberman say today? “The era of groveling is over.”

Good deal – glad to hear it. I hope he reminds Bibi of that – or, as long as I’m wishing anyway, I might as well wish that Lieberman would take over. Bibi has once again reverted to form, lapsed into his “won’t you please just love me?” stance, selling Israel down the drain to earn brownie points in Washington – which won’t work, anyway. There isn’t anything Israel can do – short of committing ritual seppuku – that would appease the Community Organizer and his Merry Men.

Lieberman made his remarks at an ambassador conference held in the Foreign Ministry –i.e., speaking to his own employees, the men and women sent to represent Israel in foreign countries.

"I have seen several ambassadors whose identification with the countries where they are posted is so great they constantly trying to justify [to Israel] the other side's point of view," Lieberman said. "This stance is wrong. There should not be an attitude of groveling and self-effacement."

"We will not look for friction and confrontation but we will also not turn the other cheek. For every action there will be a reaction and this is the policy I demand from the ambassadors," he added.

It’s said that Gaby Levy, Israel’s ambassador to Turkey, was who the Foreign Minister had in mind. Levy has gone native, and instead of representing Israel to Turkey is directing his efforts to criticizing Israel to Turkey.

Oh, sure, the liberals jumped all over Lieberman – ‘How dare he stifle freedom of speech among his employees?’ ‘How dare he not allow the foreign ambassadors to say what they wish?’ -- but that’s to be expected. The only thing these weak-kneed Jews want to hear is how awful Israel is.

But Lieberman’s not putting up with it – not among his employees. Good for him!
Lieberman also fired a shot against the bow of terrorist chief Abu Mazen, saying that Israel is done making concessions to the PA. Israel “does not need to give any more in order to speak to (Abbas). We have paid enough. We have done many gestures and received nothing in return. On the contrary; there is a limit to hypocrisy. You can't speak of a new era and at the same time sentence to death those who sell land to Jews, a sentence signed by Abbas."

Now watch for another volley of calls to indict Lieberman over something – anything.

In the world of liberals, truth is an unwanted guest.


  1. Freedom of speech? For diplomats in the employ of the government serving abroad? Really?
    I'm all for freedom of speech. I insist on having this right, but I represent only myself and my own opinions. If someone representing an organization or government can't bring themselves to agree with it, or at least not to criticize it, they should resign.
    Would anyone expect Obama's press secretary to trash his boss's health care policy? Could a spokesman for Coke or MacDonald's publicly say in an interview that their company's products are unhealthy? Oh - come on! Free speech and employee rights have their limits.
    Any Israeli diplomat critizising the government or its actions should be fired outright, without recourse.

  2. O-MEIN!! I couldn't agree more -- and it appears that Mr. Lieberman is of the same mind.

    We need to let Lieberman be Lieberman, pure and simple.