Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Community Organizer’s “top counterterrorism advisor” John Brennan made a funny today – not what he intended, maybe, but pretty good, considering.

During a press conference yesterday, Brennan, with a straight face, said: "There is no smoking gun" in the Christmas Day attempt to blow up an airliner.

True. But guns -- smoking or otherwise -- weren’t the issue in this terror attack. This was The Case of the Smoking Underpants. That was the problem.

You see, contrary to liberal thought, it’s not only guns that kill people, underpants do too – boxers or briefs, doesn’t matter. Both can be wielded to lethal effect if you’re a terrorist.

How about this: instead of full-body scans that show all passengers starkers to leering security officials, why not have everyone just remove their underpants and hand them over, along with their shoes?

But the Merry Men’s Mr. Malaprop didn’t quit: he went on to reiterate his point. There is no smoking gun," he said. "There was no single piece of intelligence that said, 'this guy is going to get on a plane.'"

What does he want, a boarding pass? Does the TSA need to see a terrorist with a boarding pass, before they will take action to keep the terrorist from getting on the plane?

I tell ya, these folks are too much.

So now skip to New Jersey, where authorities are still searching for a man who simply walked through a screening checkpoint. What do the culturally sensitive US security forces do? Ground all flights in the entire airport until all passengers -- going anywhere at all -- can be rescreened.

Ah, there they go again. To avoid inconveniencing a potential terrorist who just walks through security lines, they inconvenience everyone equally. In terms of social sins, profiling is right up there with pederasty. Probably worse, come to think of it.

Rather than dealing with a guy wearing a turban and muttering to himself, they rescreen everyone, paying special attention to grandmas in wheelchairs, just to make sure everyone sees how culturally-neutral the whole thing is.

But that incident gets even funnier. Because of it, the TSA announced that starting today, “passengers flying into the United States from nations regarded as state sponsors of terrorism … are subject to enhanced screening techniques, such as body scans and pat-downs.”

That conveniently ignores the fact that the US itself is one of the world’s largest ‘state sponsors of terrorism”.

So now “smoking guns” are what the Community Organizer’s terror experts like Mr. Brennan demand, before they take action?

Then why are they ignoring the gun that on December 24 was used to murder Rabbi Meir Avshalom Chai, father of seven, as he was driving home from work? That gun was wielded by the Fatah “police force” that’s been paid for, trained by, and remains under, the supervision of US Gen. Keith Dayton.

Fatah – including their US sponsored “police force” -- proudly took credit for the “successful” terror slaying.

Here’s a riddle: What do the Community Organizer and his Merry Men do, when confronted with a real “smoking gun”?

Answer: Help the terrorists reload.

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