Thursday, July 8, 2010

I don’t want ANY of what she’s having!

Word is out that the day after Israel defended itself against seafaring terrorists, Meg Ryan cancelled her appearance at the upcoming two-week long Jerusalem Film Festival.

So did Dustin Hoffman – he’d better stick to ‘plastics’ from now on.

Beyond that – not that anyone will notice – even though this year’s film festival was designed to honor American actress Grace Kelley, Prince Albert of Monaco, Kelley’s son, also cancelled.

Two thoughts occur. First, who cares? Second, when will we Israelis stop lusting after attention from these vacuous Hollywood ee-jits? If they can’t tolerate Israel’s right to self-defense, let them go sit on the Mahatma Gandhi bench of shame.

During WWII Gandhi published an open letter to the British people, urging them to surrender to the Nazis. After the War, when the true extent of the Shoah became known, Gandhi criticized Jews who’d tried to escape or fight for their lives. “The Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife,” he said. “They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs.”

Later, Louis Fisher, Gandhi’s biographer, wanted to make absolutely sure this is what Gandhi really said.

“You mean that the Jews should have committed collective suicide?” Fisher asked.

Gandhi responded, “Yes, that would have been heroism.”

There’s an old saying that had the Brits been Nazi’s, Gandhi would’ve been a lampshade.

The defection from the Jerusalem Film Festival – which, by itself, matters to me not one single agorot – underscores what’s happening in the world today. Once again, we’re entering into an era where world opinion swings in the direction of Mahatma Gandhi.

Even countries who verbally insist they are our steadfast allies seem to prefer that Israel should roll over and die – willingly “throw ourselves from the cliffs”. In their view, that’s the only way we’ll ever have the moral high ground.

The only lesson we should take from all this is that we need to stop bidding for the world’s approval, starting with these cowardly, empty-headed numb nuts like Meg Ryan and Dustin Hoffman.

We need to do the needful -- whatever it is -- to protect ourselves against all enemies. Unfortunately, in the not-too-distant future, it looks like Jews and Israel will have many more armed enemies intent on doing us in -- not just our Arab neighbors who are hunkered down on our borders at the moment.

On that cheery thought, Shabbat shalom, everyone!


  1. As a an American Jew I am so very concerned about how/if world opinion (including American and leftist Israeli opinion) will affect our Jewish State of Israel's future. Actually, I am enormously worried and heart sick about it. The world just doesn't seem to "get it." My sincere hope, B'ezrat HaShem, is that current and future leaders of Israel have "Yiddishe coupps" and will do what is right for the Jewish People and Nation. Am Yisroel Chai! Medinat Yisroel Chai! Anything less is unfathomable.

  2. 這麼用心的經營你的文章, 當然值得我們留連拜訪的!..................................................