Sunday, March 28, 2010

You know you’re living in a screwy world when you see a headline that reads, “Peace talks failed” and your first thought is, “Thank Gd!”

The MSM continues to have a field day with the news of Bibi’s “humiliation” at the hands of the Community Organizer. We all know what happened: The Community Organizer walked out of his planned “talk” – read that ‘dress-down session’ – with Bibi Netanyahu. Leaving Bibi and his advisors in the room, the Community Organizer walked out, ate dinner with his family, then spent time telephoning Great Britain and France, hoping to get them to sign on to his planned “humiliation” of our Prime Minister.

But here’s the funny thing: as many headlines all over the world that touted Bibi's “humiliation” --

“Netanyahu humiliated as US talks go awry”, Huffington Post
“Barack Obama’s humiliation of Israel is a disgrace”, Blog, in UK’s Telegraph
“Obama 'humiliated' Netanyahu at meeting”. Sydney Morning Herald
“Benjamin Netanyahu humiliated by Obama”, Jerusalem Post

That’s not what really happened at all. The truth is, it was exactly the opposite.

Just like Bubba, we need to parse the sentence. What does ‘humiliate’ really mean? Merriam-Webster says, “Cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of” or “To lower the pride, dignity, or self-respect of.”

Is that what happened? Absolutely not. The truth is, the Community Organizer tried to “humiliate” Bibi – but he wasn’t successful. True, Bibi flat out refused to do what The One was ordering him to do – but there’s no evidence whatever that in refusing, Bibi “felt shame” or that his pride was hurt. Did he lose self-respect? Certainly not – if anything, standing tall against Dear Leader, refusing his dictates was a cause for pride.

So who was humiliated here? If he were capable of feeling such emotions, then it would have been Barack Hussein Obama who was “humiliated”. He tried to force a former ally into taking self destructive acts. His demands were rebuffed. If anyone should have felt humiliated, it was the Community Organizer.

To say the talks failed is one way of putting it. A better way is to say that Israel won, hands down.

You can tell that true by the fact that there was no press conference. Why? Because there was nothing for the Community Organizer to brag about. He’d issued orders. He was rebuffed.

Worse than that, Bibi’s comments to the press made the point perfectly: “If the Americans support the unreasonable demands by the Palestinians regarding a freeze on settlements … the peace process risks being blocked for a year”.

When the big bad schoolyard bully tries to beat up a little guy – and instead, the little guy walks away unscathed, it’s not the little guy who’s humiliated.

The bully who tried and failed to wreck his vengeance is the one whose pride takes a hit.

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