Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Red Rover, Red Rover, let illegal immigrants come over….

What a strange world.

In both Israel and the US, illegal immigrants are winning the game, while officials charged with dealing with their criminality are losing – losing their jobs, that is.

In Israel, Tziki Sela, who was appointed to head the Interior Ministry’s “Oz” unit, charged with dealing with criminal illegal immigrants, found himself the honored guest at a hi-tech lynching, as the Honorable Clarence Thomas might have said.

After just six months on the job, Sela was forced to resign.

What did he do? He tried to deport illegal immigrants – which is, of course, precisely what he was hired to do. What the law requires him to do.

Unfortunately, Israel's state-run media, the lefties, the one-staters (which is to say, those who would transform Israel into the 23rd Arab-run state in the Middle East) began a ferocious PR campaign against him. Using large scale photos showing darling little immigrant children – who were, they asserted, heartlessly being kicked out of Israel – the media took him to task. Running scads of interviews with all the social organizations who work with the immigrants – and who therefore owe their jobs to bringing in even more illegals, not just keeping those who are already here – they managed to cast doubt on his efforts to enforce the law.

After several months of haranguing against him, Sela’s downfall came during an interview. You tell me if this is outrageous or not.

“These organizations... those who protest against us, the ones that call me ‘Goebbels’ and a Nazi, are anarchists who want the destruction of the State of Israel, with three exclamation marks,” Sela said in the interview with Ma’ariv, a Hebrew-language daily. “They should be condemned. This is criminal behavior, pure and simple.”

“We mean business,” he stated. “I am telling the illegal migrants, take yourselves from here and go away willingly. We will give you the plane tickets. Get out of here.”

Was that outrageous? Must have been. It cost him his job.

In fact, those who encourage and facilitate illegal immigration to Israel are the ones who are breaking the law – big time. That’s illegal in the US and it’s illegal here. So he “condemned” the illegals for their “criminal behavior”. How evil can you get?

But from that moment on, Sela was through. As Israel National News noted, “The media responded with wall-to-wall condemnations of Sela from anchors, commentators and guests, who found his criticism of the “social” protesters and his tough talk on immigration unacceptable. They demanded his resignation and in the end, they received it.”

Okay – so that was Israel’s first job loss over illegal immigration. But there’s a parallel situation going on in Arizona, which also has illegal immigrant problems. There, the Community Organizer took it upon himself – unconstitutionally, of course, but hey, what’s the Constitution but an antiquated piece of paper, especially when it stands in the way of something The One wants?

Anyway, the Community Organizer stripped Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (think Phoenix) of his right to enforce both Arizona and federal law. And what had the Sheriff done? He had worked to discourage illegal immigrants from coming to Arizona. Quelle horreur!

Arpaio did what a lot of regular ordinary California tax-paying Americans joked about doing, several decades ago, when California’s prisons were being run more like health spas than places of punishment. The joke then was, “Build two prisons: one in Death Valley, the other in Alaska. During the summer, put the prisoners in Death Valley. In the winter, put them in Alaska.”

So Arpaio arrested illegal immigrants – gasp -- and then he put them in jails, in tent cities, in Arizona, in the summer time. Arizona, in the summer, rivals Israel’s Arava on the heat misery index. Worse than that, maybe, was that he dressed the male illegal immigrants in pink. Oh, wow. Women, it was said, he put on chain gangs.

Sounds like a movie.

So for all of this inhumanity to honest-to-goodness criminals, Arpaio was stripped of his power to enforce the law.

An estimated 12 million illegal immigrants live in the US, a big hunk of them in the Mexican border states of Arizona and California. Even so, the forces of political correctness say that these criminals must not be subjected to this “inhumane” treatment.

No one wants to remember that the people Arpaio was jailing -- and dolling up in pink -- had a very obvious alternative. If they didn’t like the way they were being treated in Maricopa County, Arizona, then they could stay away. If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.

So Arpaio, in the US, is still on the job but stripped of his powers. In Israel, we lost one law enforcement official and may yet lose another.

Last Tuesday, 100 loony lefties gathered in Tel Aviv to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the law. They demanded that the children of illegal immigrants -- not to mention the rest of their families – not be deported at the end of the school year, as current law dictates. They want them all to be able to stay, given citizenship or permanent resident status.

Which, when you think of it, turns immigration law into an adult version of the child’s game of “Red Rover” – remember? There would be two groups of children, lined up facing each other, hands strongly linked. Someone from one side would yell out, “Red Rover, Red Rover, let (so and so) come over!” The named child would then make a run at the line, trying to break through the linked hands of the other team. If he broke through, he got to stay, abandoning his own team and staying with the new.

So apparently now the loony lefties want to do the same thing with illegal immigrants – anyone who manages to permeate the defenses and make it into the new country should have the right to stay.

Sounds like a recipe for perfect chaos. If that happens, says Interior Minister Eli Yishai, if the government grants permanent residency to these illegal immigrants, he’ll resign.

Why is it that the good people who are trying to uphold the law are losing, while the criminals, those who broke the law, are winning?

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